Heather Lindsay Photography | {2015 Pricing & Packages}

{2015 Pricing & Packages}

May 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's an exiting time at Heather Lindsay Photography.  After a lot of consideration, I have created some new session offerings and have restructured my sessions and pricing.  And I'm moving to an all inclusive option!  This is actually where I started with my pricing when I first began my business, but moved away from it out of concern that it wouldn't appeal to clients or would seem too expensive.

I posted a survey a few weeks back and I received some wonderful feedback where most folks indicated they looked for all inclusive options.  And over the last few years, I've come to the realization that not everyone is going to think I'm affordable, and that's okay.  I am good at what I do and there is value in my work.  If you are looking for the cheapest photographer, I am probably not the right person for you.  If you are looking for someone who loves what they do and is excited to create your images and capture your memories, then I'm your girl.  That said, I also understand that there is a reasonable price range to be in and I hope that with the options I have created, there will be something that fits into most people's budgets. 

For simplicity sake, all packages include the digital files with full printing rights.  Most include a print credit as well, because for the love... please print your beautiful photos and display them.  Isn't that why you took them in the first place? (I'll step off my soap box now.) Here are my new offerings and pricing along with some information about them...


The Newborn Session$300 - Newborn sessions are posed sessions that take place in my home studio.  They last 2-3 hours and are very easy and casual as we photography your newborn and allow for time to feed and comfort.  These sessions are best done in the first 2 weeks of your little ones life.  This window can be extended for extended hospital/NICU stays.  As the mom of a NICU baby, I completely understand the stress of those early days in the NICU and we will make your session happen just as soon as your baby is home and able to be photographed.  All newborn sessions include a complimentary maternity session.  I understand not all moms are interested in these and while I encourage them, I won't force it on you.  You will receive all the digital files of your final images from your newborn session and 10 images from your maternity session as well as a $40 print credit.  

The First 48 Session $300 - First 48 sessions are lifestyle/documentary style sessions that typically take place in the hospital within the first 48 hours after your little one arrives.  These are not birth sessions! They are a pulled back and casual look at your time with your new baby and family.  I will spend 1-2 hours with you in your hospital room. We will photograph the baby and your new family and take a very relaxed approach.  Again, I understand not all births go as planned, so if you have booked a First 48 session and have a NICU stay or something else unforeseen that prohibits this session from happening, we can do it in your home in those first 48 hours after you are home, or you may covert your session to a Newborn Session.  First 48 Sessions include all the digital files of your final images.  There is not a print credit with this session due to the style of these photos.  They may be best displayed in an album.

Brand New Baby Package $500 - This includes a Maternity, Newborn and First 48 Session. This is the perfect combination to capture all of the moments of your journey from pregnancy to newborn.  Because the newborn and First 48 sessions are different in style, you can be confident that you will not be duplicating anything by having both.

Baby Steps Milestone Package $500-$700 - Your baby's first year is going to fly by.  It is truly amazing how much your little one will change in that first year.  Baby Steps Milestone packages are meant for those who value quality portraits of their little one and want to capture these first year milestones.  The best part of this package is it is completely customizable.  You choose between 3, 4 or 5 milestones and which ones you want to document.  The milestone options are: 

  • Newborn ** this session must be one of your choices**
  • 3-4 months (when baby can lift head while on belly)
  • 6-7 months (when baby can sit up unassisted)
  • 9 months 
  • 1 year 
  • Choose how many: 3 sessions - $500, 4 session - $600, 5 session - $700  



The Family & Children Portrait Session $200 - These are standard portrait sessions that take place in an outside location of your choosing.  We will spend about ninety minutes together capturing some posed and some lifestyle shots.  These sessions are meant to be fun and reflect who you and your family are.  Sessions include the digital files with full printing rights as well as a $30 print credit.

The Mini Session $125 - a shortened 45 minute portrait session for up to 4 people and take place in an outside location of your choosing.  These sessions are perfect for smaller groups with a smaller number of final images. Session includes 10-12 digital files with full printing rights as well as a $20 print credit.

The Itty Bitty Session $65 - as the name suggests, this is a quick 20 minute session that takes place in an outside location of your choosing.  These sessions are for 1-2 people and yield 3-5 final images.  They are perfect for capturing a photo for a birthday invite or holiday card or when you just need a couple updated photos of your sweet kiddo to share with grandma. Session include digital files with full printing rights but do not include a print credit. 


The last new thing I am offering is a Referral Program.  I've actually done this with referral cards in the past, but this seems like an easier way.  Here's the scoop.  You can earn discounts off your future session by referring family and friends to Heather Lindsay Photography.  For every NEW client referred that books and completes a session with me, you (as the referring client) will get $25 off a future session!  It's the fastest way to a free session!! So go tell your friends about me... 

So that's it... That is the new structure of Heather Lindsay Photography.  It is truly my hope that this new structure will appeal to more folks and fit most budgets.  I believe everyone should have the option to get quality custom photography.  I look forward to working you soon to capture your most precious memories!


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